Hang anything, anywhere!

The OnTheHook family of products turns lost space into storage space. Hang one from the back of a door and you have instant hanging storage. Designed to hold heavy loads off the floor and out of your way.

OTH Trax and Hooks

OnTheHook Trax is a simple, multi-use track system that is modular and re-sizable. Available in 48" and 32". Cut it to whatever size you want! Buy the hooks you want, for your every need! For indoors and outdoors, and holds just about anything.

OTH Hangers

Our Hangers are completely portable and require no drilling. Simply unroll it, position the hooks where you need them and hook it over your door. Its that easy!

7 TipsTo Better Organization

The OTH 7 Top Tips for Organizing your Living and Working Space

1. Declutter

Tackle one room of a house/apartment at a time. Enlist help. It’s usually easier, more fun and more effective to work with a partner. If you haven’t used something in years, seriously consider whether you really need to keep it. Have labels handy to label things you do plan to keep.

2. Group similar items.

Put things that are similar in the same place. Files for taxes should go in one drawer/cabinet. Other paper, bills, etc. should be filed in labeled folders. Put winter tools in one area; preferably hanging up. Do the same for garden equipment, work tools, shoes, boots, etc.

3. Get it off the floor!

Get things off the floor and on a hook, shelf, drawer, etc. Besides being a tripping hazard, things look so much more messy when they are strewn all over the floor. Consider shelves, OnTheHook products, storage bins, etc. Interested in more tips? CLICK HERE

“We have been using the Sports Hanger for a while and it is excellent in helping to air out, organize and store our son’s “wet, smelly” goalie, hockey equipment after each practice and game. Thanks.”

Dianne S.

- Ancaster, ON
“Living in a small condo near the Rogers Centre in Toronto, my husband and I have very limited space. The OTH Hangers and Trax have been invaluable in helping us store and organize a variety of items in the bedroom, bathroom and closet. Very practical and well-made products!”

Lori W.

- Toronto, ON
“This Tack Hanger is excellent for hanging all the things my horses’ need, including: Halter/lead rope Bridle Hoof pick Small hanging bag for treats and ear fly repellent Several other little gadgets Great product! Will help stable workers place the correct horse in the correct stall by having the picture and name on it.”

Judy B.

- Macedon, New York
“We recently obtained an over-door Trax hanger. It has been a great item to have in the guest bedroom. We don’t seem to have enough closet space in this room and this allows us and guests to hang up a variety of items. The room now looks much more organized and everyone comments on how simple and yet practical it is!”

Kathy M.

- Orillia, ON

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