7 tips to better organization

1. Declutter – Tackle one room of a house/apartment at a time.

  • Enlist help. It’s usually easier, more fun and more effective to work with a partner.

  • If you haven’t used something in years, seriously consider whether you really need to keep it.

  • Could it be donated or sold to someone who could benefit from it?

  • Have labels handy to label things you do plan to keep. Make a list of where you are storing items.


2. Get things off the floor and on a hook, shelf, drawer, etc. Besides being a tripping hazard, things look so much more messy when they are strewn all over the floor. Consider shelves, OnTheHook products, storage bins, etc.


3. Group similar items. Put things that are similar in the same place. Files for taxes should go in one drawer/cabinet. Other paper, bills, etc. should be filed in labeled folders. Put winter tools and equipment in one area, preferably hanging up and out of the way. Do the same for garden equipment, work tools, computer stuff, shoes, boots, etc.


4. Create storage space by using shelves or OnTheHook products in small out of the way areas such as under stairs, beside the washer/dryer, on the wall inside closets, behind or over room doors, etc.


5. Think ‘recycle’ or ‘donate’ – various charities call and ask for donations of household items as a way to help them fundraise. Help them and help yourself declutter!


6. Hang things out of the way. Floors, closets, countertops, workbenches… all look much neater if tools and items are hung up rather than left on the surfaces.


7. “A place for everything and everything in its place.” It may sound cliché but it works. If when you are done with something rather than just toss it anywhere, take the extra ‘2-3 seconds’ to replace it where it belongs. That way you’ll know where it is next time (and save more than a couple seconds frantically searching for it) and it will help your place stay neat and well organized!