For Schools

Thank you for reviewing our “PolyHook System” for Schools.


If your school is considering retro-fitting old hooks with new hooks, there are a few factors to consider when making your selection as follows:

1. Will the new hooks be a safer alternative to the old hooks? Unlike metal hooks, our polycarbonate safety hooks flex when hit and are virtually unbreakable. They also have all rounded edges and automatically bend back to their manufactured position once flexed.

2. How long will it take to install? The PolyHook System requires only 4 screws per 48″ length – so it can be up in a minute or so!

3. Is the distance between the hooks adjustable?: The standard distance between our Polyhooks is 6″, however this can be customized as needed. Just let us know your preferred distance and we can adjust to your needs before shipping.

4. How many holes are required in your walls?: The Polyhook System only requires 4 holes for every 8 hooks! Most other hooks require 16 to 32 holes for every 8 hooks (or 4-8 times the number of holes)! This saves time making (or potentially patching) holes in the future.

5. Does your maintenance person need to level each hook independently?: With The PolyHook System, you only need to level the Trax (one time) and all hooks are automatically leveled with it. This saves about 7 times the installation time for maintenance (based on 8 hooks per Trax).

6. Does it offer a continuous flow? Each 48” Trax comes ready for installation and can be butted against another Trax for continuous linear flow – maintaining a standard 6” distance for all hooks.

 7. Where is the quality control for the product completed? Overseas or in North America? As the saying goes, you typically get “what you pay for”. If it’s manufactured overseas, it might be cost-effective, yet include very little quality control. 

As part of the mandate and vision of our company, we’ve designed, engineered and manufactured this product in Canada with materials from Canada and the United States. We believe in quality and affordability and have streamlined our processes to offer both!

Thank you again for your interest in our Polyhook System. If you would like a quote for your school or school board, please contact us for details.