Horse products designed... with safety in mind!

Why did we make this product?

After a local equestrian center burnt down and over 40 horses perished, we felt compelled to try to find a way to prevent this from happening again. We worked with local vets to create a simple solution (and with their help), we created this Stall Safety Hanger!

How is this product so different from any other?

Affixed to the front of a stall:

1. The color of our safety hangers conform to the highest visibility in smoke and fire. (According to ISO and ANSI international standards).

2.  Hooks ‘pop-off’ when hit by the impact of your horse - and easily snap back on. This way your horse doesn't absorb the force.

3. Grab and Go! This unit has been engineered to quickly release your lead and halter by simply pulling them sideways. (We recommend always storing a lead and halter on the stall safety hanger to save precious seconds in any emergency).

equine14. We can custom brand your logo on the front! (See picture at right).

5. Our mesh is flame resistant and has a tear strength of 90 x 90 lbs per square inch!

6. Our hooks are made of a lightweight, shatter-resistant / virtually unbreakable polycarbonate.

7. The top and bottom rails are made of a rigid PVC to ensure long-term durability.

8. All 18.75” x 20” hangers includes four screws and 2 hooks.

9. We worked with top veterinarians to develop this product!


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